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Wolfram Kopfermann

My studies of theology and sociology paved the way for my development as a charismatic theologian. The steps in my career: Born in 1938, studies from 1963 until1969, then working as a scientific assistant at the Seminary for Systematical Theology at the University of Erlangen Nürnberg.

After the internship in the state church and pastorate in Bavaria, I was the senior pastor from 1974 -1988 at the Church of St. Petri and leader of the movement „Spiritual Renewal in the evangelical church“ from 1978 -1988. In September 1988 I founded the evangelical-charismatic „Anskar-church“ in Hamburg.

Anja Bender

A woman on her way from profession to professing Jesus. She discovered her passion to help people develop their potential in her job as a coach in the finance industry from 1988 onward. She is all the more enthralled to teach about the new life in Christ.

Since 2004 she has attended the Anskar-college, an extra-occupational theological college for leaders with a clear calling to full time ministry. She has been the co-leader of the seminars offered here since 2009 and founded with Wolfram Kopfermann the KopfermannDienste ministries.

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