To grasp the truths of the good news in a new and deeper way can bring an enormous gain in quality of faith and life.

Die Botschaften

With Christ’s resurrection a new creation – hidden but real – has come into being. When we enter into this new world of faith we partake in this new creation. In the bible (2. Cor.5,17) it says that our dark past with all its influences has lost its power. This fantastic truth changes our daily life if we let it become a practical reality. During our seminar time in Salem we want to understand and experience the deep reality of Easter.


This new creation has different dimensions, that impart new experiences to us in various areas of our faith and life.That is why we want to dedicate 2014 to the topics of living in the new covenant, Gods love in everyday life, our character in christ and breakthrogh in prayer. Each of the four seminars can be booked individually.

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