Responses to God’s speaking may sometimes seem trivial to others, but participants of the seminars „life in view of the new creation“ have often had dramatic experiences.

The seminar in Salem has given my spiritual life a completely new foundation. Rom 6,6ff is such a central message for a Christian, giving the basis for a new life with Jesus and a new direction. I have had two teaching evenings with workers of the IVCG Itzehoe, another two teaching evenings in our neighboring church at a home group community evening and on the 2nd Advent I preached about the new man at a Baptist Church on Sylt. The response was immense! Since my weekend with you in Salem, I’ve become a truly new man and a saint, who „accidently“ sins.
Gerd-Jürgen M.

We fondly remember the special days in Salem in December. It was really helpful how clear you, Wolfram and also Anja, conveyed spiritual truths to us. In this seminar one particular truth has gained a whole new meaning. I have recognized and thus suffered because I did not maintain earlier decisions to dedicate my life to the Lord as much as I wanted to. I now understand that there was always a bit of self confidence in there, that somehow I would be able to maintain my dedication to God. However Paul says that he trusts God alone to bring him to the finish line. 2. Tim.1,12b I know the one I have believed. I am sure he is able to take care of what I have given him. I can trust him with it until the day he returns as judge. In this assurance that God will take care of me I dedicated myself again to God in the night of 20.-21.12. That released a greater peace and ease within me, because I can always come back to the solid conviction that the Lord will uphold spiritual life and the fellowship with him in me.
Anselm R.

The weekend in Salem was more than just a very aesthetically pleasing weekend for me. The topic of sanctification through the power of the Holy Spirit and freedom from my old self has started to unfold its power in my daily life. I first got to hear about this at the Anskar Church in 1990 and it has kept on fascinating and influencing me since then. I seemed to lose sight of it every now and again, but that has changed. I am now able to depend on the Holy Spirit so much more. For example, I become a lot less irritable when the kids go wild.
Markus K

There I am sitting in a seminar with Mr. Kopfermann and I hear the following statement: We come from victory we don’t live towards it! This statement really hit me with a life changing blow and tears welled up. Should it be true that the fight “to better myself“, the knowledge about my failure to do so, and the knowledge of what I am capable of, has ended? because that which I am trying to achieve is already dead?

This picture is titled: „let Him work“ and shows the truth that Christ lives in me. Jesus (the red character) represents the vine into which I (the blue character) as a Christian have been grafted by Jesus’ loving embrace (“me in Him”). His love and power flow through me (“Him in me”). Fruit grows from this connection with Christ, not as result of my religious effort. How freeing!

In this seminar it’s not about a new program, a new method or just about facts and knowledge. It’s an invitation to let God write the liberating reality of a new creation into our hearts. The message that Christ lives and moves in me is presented by Wolfram Kopfermann and Anja Bender in a very vivid, practical and sound biblical manner. It can free us from our obsession with religious good works and the pointless striving for recognition like hardly any other biblical truth. I found the times of silence, in which we were invited to let God reveal His truth to us, particularly. All in all: a valuable and very rewarding seminar!
Petra F.

I was struggling in the weeks before the seminar and could identify myself a bit with the superseded Luther-theology. Now I have realized that liberation from sin is not discipline, not a permanent fighting, eliminating, or suppressing, but it is faith. I believe that the old man is dead. This faith frees and relaxes me. I don’t have to try and make it happen, I can just believe that the old man is dead, and don’t have to fight the shadows anymore. I am not determined by my past. The past has been beaten. I don’t fight by my own strength anymore. This truth was deeply liberating for me this weekend.
Ines A.

Voices on the
efforts and effects

Wolfram, your exegesis of Romans chapter 6-8, your bible studies in connection of your grasp of scripture is still very present in my mind. I am so glad that you have now made your Holy Spirit given gift of teaching and your exegesis based on holy truth available via modern media. May God continually grant you His strength and grant all who experience your seminars or services His loving affection to.
God bless you!

Lorenz Rethmeier
Managing Director GGE 1998–2011

My father has been and will always be one of the most important influences in my life. As a mentor he has not only taught me to love Jesus and his church, he has also introduced me to the beauty of the German language. A lot of what I have to say today as a songwriter, composer , author and speaker would have been unthinkable without his influence. His love for a healthy balanced theology, the search for truth in all its facets and the inclusion of all human sciences into the church building process will always remain a treasure in my life. A large part of my spiritual imprint goes back to those weekend seminars that I regularly visited in my teenage years. With that background I can highly recommend his seminars and sermons – they will be a blessing and inspiration for many people in the coming years.

Arne Kopfermann, Februar 2012

As a Christian in management, I especially appreciate it, when the presentation of God’s Word is not just well substantiated, but also has an appealingly delivery. Then it can be recognized as a message with a real message in today’s media contest. I am sure that the sincere yet lively address will gain real response and I wish you personally and us together in our common goal God’s blessing.

Martin Dreyer

As a Christian in management, I especially appreciate it, when the presentation of God’s Word is not just well substantiated, but also has an appealingly delivery. Then it can be recognized as a message with a real message in today’s media contest. I am sure that the sincere yet lively address will gain real response and I wish you personally and us together in our common goal God’s blessing.

Timo Plutschinski, President of EUROPARTNERS, Umbrella Organization of Christian Businessmen in Europe

I have known Wolfram Kopfermann since his days in St. Petri. Pastor Kopfermann is a passionate lover of Christ, and he also loves the people around him. He gives his listeners the feeling of being welcome. He possess a great gift of being able to sow and nurture truths with power and precision in the hearts of his listeners .
Wolfram Kopfermann is an anointed servant of God and every Christian should place himself under his teaching. There he will meet Christ and find his calling. I am very thankful for his great ministry and wholeheartedly commend him to you.

Gaby Wentland,
Pastor in FG Neugraben,

I thank enterprising Christians like you, who contribute with their conviction, sincerity and – last but not least – with their charisma to our common goal: that a powerful voice in our society and economy may be heard.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoblauch

Dear Wolfram, I am delighted that you start something new once more – which doesn’t surprise me. You just are someone who – instead of taking a rest – wants to make the most of the time, to strengthen as many people in their faith as possible. Remarkable changes in Christianity have taken place over the last decades through charismatic awakenings, in which you have played a significant role. As a bible-teacher, exeget and preacher you consistently have set new standards.

I fondly recall our shared experiences on conferences or abroad – whether with Lutheren Charismatics in Minnesota or with Penticostals in Pensacola. If you now want to share your lifeblood of truth with us, even though your physical strength is waning, then I ask for God’s guidance and the anointing of his Holy Spirit for you. There’s one thing I’m certain of: you have a lot to say and people want to hear it.

Gerhard Bially, Pastor,
Publisher of CharismaPress

For me Wolfram Kopfermann is one of the most defining spiritual personalities in our country. It has not only to do with his regular public presence, but also with the depth and quality of his faith and understanding of heavenly things. His relaxed, ‘hanseatic’ personality and his courage to search for the way of truth against all odds, have made a great impact on me. It is good when an alert mind searches for Godliness and passes it on to others. I have just read his book: „Aufbruch in ein neues Land“ ( Emerging into a New Land) and I am sure that Wolfram Kopfermann will yet see much of this new land..

Lothar Kosse, Worship-Musician

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