Our Mission

KopermannDienste aims to address spiritual topics, which are less exposed in the evangelical and charismatic main stream. We are convinced that in the New Testament experiences are witnessed that still await us.

This is where a whole dimension of living out our faith becomes manifest, which we believe is intended for all Christians. We are talking about the dimension of the super natural, i.e. that which is otherwise unachievable for humankind.

It includes the obvious ‘signs and wonders’ and authority empowered prayer life. It means complete sanctification of our everyday life and a self-forgetting love for those around us. We do not claim that these things don’t exist in our church today, but that a greater intensity of such lies ahead of us. KopfermannDienste together with other ‘hungry’ Christians means to get active and pursue that change and to see widespread revival in Christian Europe.

We invite you to join with us and use the spiritual input available here!

Your Team

Wolfram Kopfermann & Anja Bender

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