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We are passionate to see revival happen..

We have a deep conviction that God wants for Europe what he has given many other places in the world: a breakthrough in revival. If revival doesn’t happen, then we cannot expect any significant spiritual influence on our society anymore. The important influences from America over the last 10 years have had an impact that has certainly made our church ministries more professional, but have not birthed new missionary breakthrough.

In this situation it is theologically correct to say that we can’t ‘make’ revival happen, but it is still lacking a spiritual explanation. Billy Graham shows us the way forward with his statement that there are three keys to revival: prayer, prayer and prayer..

At KopfermannDienste we want to share all our observations, experiences and insights that can help us embrace the secret of revival.

Test everything; hold fast what is good.(1. Thess. 5,21)
Regarding Todd Bentley>

Todd Bentley has returned to the evangelistic stage. He has been preaching in Tonggaat (near Durban SA) every night since the start of April 2013. The directors of GOD TV, Rory and Wendy Alec have decided to transmit his evening meetings worldwide. (This decision for a limited period may also be prolonged.) In this way Christian charismatics are confronted with the phenomena of Todd Bentley a second time after the revival in Lakeland/ Florida 2008. The Canadian Evangelist who now lives in the US is seen with widely differing opinion.

For Christians in Germany it is not about simply imitating the Durban revival without question. Where would that ever have worked? Revivals are always typified by familiar factor, but also an alien factor. This challenging alien factor requires attention rather than simple imitation.

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